Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy HoliDOGs & A Nippy CHEW Year!

"Silver Balls"

Silver balls, silver balls,
It's Dogmas time in the city.
Hear the leash ring.
Soon it will be Chewtoy Day!

LOCATION:  Hartford Dog Park 
                  260 Gulph Creek Rd.
                  Wayne, PA 19087

DATE & TIME: Saturday, January 2nd, Noon to 2pm

Dog Park HOWLiday Party!

LIFE SNIPPET: DOGmas is around the corner and every good dog deserves a romp and a "pawty" all their own. The Hartford Dog Park party accomplishes both!  Delta (my Vizsla seen in his above yearly HOWLiday "PETrait"), my two kids and I have been going for the last three years.  It's a chance to mingle with like-minded dog lovers, eat (bring something, if you want), have your dog sit on santa's lap, pay your yearly club dues (a miesley $15) and let your dogs run amok with their friends. 

The dog club culls some killer items from area businesses like Dogma Premier Dog Spa, Spots, Radnor Veterinary Hospital, Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals, Family Pet Resort, Buzzy's Bow Wow Meow, Lucie's Pet GroomingBraxton's and this year, stayMor.com photography (aka Stacey P. Morgan), donated a copy of my book -- "AlphaPET Zoup A to Z".  So come "pawticipate" and join in the festivities.

FYI: Guard your food!  A couple of years ago my kids were tailgating and some savy dogs sniffed, snatched and ran away with their yummy ham croissant sandwiches. Afterwards, they were looking around with their doe eyes saying -- "Please Sir, may I have another?"  (said with a "ruff" cockney accent)!

HAPPY HoliDOGs & Nippy CHEW Year!!

"Mudday Style" VS. "Holiday Style"


THE SCOOP:  "Mudday Style" (B&W film with Sepia tone) vs. "Holiday Style"(B&W digital with Hand-painted colors).  Post a comment and VOTE on your favorite!
  • FILM vs. DIGITAL: So I've gone ahead and asked Santa for a digital camera (my research has brought me to a choice between the D90 and the D700). I'm leaning toward the D700 due to the full-frame capability.  I've been waiting for Nikon to get the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) thang going on a pro SLR camera for a while.
LIFE SNIPPET: All I know is what a difference four months can make! Not only in the growth of my children as seen above in the two photos but to the demise of my lab in CT processing traditional black-and-white film, to borrowing a neighbor's digital camera, to realizing 2010 is the leap into the digital world for me!  Plus, I don't know if it's the digital thing or not but my kids and dog "clean up real nice" in the "Holiday Style" picture and are the shiny-est silver balls of all to me!

FYI:  If you gaze into the silver ball of the future you can see I'm -- "Having a Ball" (pun intended) with a digital camera.  Nothing better than instant visual gratification!