Friday, August 20, 2010

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"PAW-triotic" or "PAW-litical"

"From Sea to Shining Sea"

THE SCOOP:  Please be sure to vote for photography as the Best Pet Photographer on Philly's HOT List to be counted before September 9th.

LIFE SNIPPET:  Summer's winding down and my kids and I (sans dogs) are heading to the beach for their respective birthdays and a little bit of R&R.  For the last 9 young
years of their lives, I've taken pictures of them on the beach in Ocean City, NJ.  They are boy-girl twins that happen to be born over the midnight hour (20 minutes before and 20 minutes after), so they each have their own special day to claim as their own.  Their birth dates (8-26 and 8-27) always fall near Labor Day weekend, so usually there is an American flag involved in the photo shoot.

Funnily enough I started a NEW body of work this past March that features my own dog, Delta, at various historical locations with the good 'ol American flag.  These new images have been aptly christened "The PAWtriotic Series"!  I am an American and LOVE my country's flag!  I do NOT believe this work to be "PAW-litical" in any way, but just the opposite--a dog crosses all political biases.  Everyone can relate to the high flyin' flag of the United States of America depicted with Man's Best Friend.

Two of the pieces from "The PAWtriotic Series", one was to be selected as the promo piece for an upcoming animal show at a local art gallery were declined for being "TOO Political"!  So to ALL the everyman, everywhere Americans across this great country--what do you think the flag represents?  Have a look-see at the rest of the dog-n-flag images and write a comment to me, Stacey P. Morgan (aka: photography), ONE inquiring mind wants to know!!