Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day - An American Holiday

"Bleeding Out"

LIFE SNIPPET: Thanksgiving is coming to an end and I am sufficiently stuffed--with mashed sweet potatoes, string beans almondine, cranberry-raspberry mold (my contribution), stuffing and yes some turkey.
I was reminded about this photo story I did for the Philadelphia Inquirer almost 25 years ago.  Funny how alot of animal rights have come to the forefront since that time and yet getting a turkey to the table really hasn't changed all that much.  Chew on that for a bit.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy DOG Day!!

"Nice To Smell You"

LOCATION:  Skunk Hollow (behind The Willows Mansion)
                  490 Darby-Paoli Road
                  Wayne, PA  19087
THE SCOOP:  Great Fall foliage, off-leash, dog friendly trails with a stream!

 Well it is my Vizsla's birthday today--he is 9 years young.  And if you know your seven times tables (dog years), that translates into a ripe-old, middle-aged number of 63 (human years).  We actually celebrated it on Sunday by going for an off-leash hike at Skunk Hollow and buying a couple of bully sticks and a Pheasant squeeky toy for him at Braxton's.  We also scheduled a special day of spa treatments at Dogma Premier Dog Spa to celebrate his "dog day".
In our house, we are what you might call "dog gaga".  I, Stacey P. Morgan, am not only a fine art, black and white, still film photographer ( but actually specialize in photographing dogs, something I call "PETraits".  I also have a home based business boarding dogs known as Dogville Bed-N-Biscuit.
Needless to say, Delta has allowed a myriad of dogs into his own doghouse over the years bestowing the  perfect phrase--"some kind of special"!