Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 Remembrance - 9 Years Ago!

FLYThe American FlagTODAY!!
"Stormin' NYC"
(The World Trade Towers - 1989)
New York City, NY
"United We Stand"
(Fragment from The World Trade Towers - 2010)
911 Memorial Park - Newtown, PA 

THE SCOOP: The Garden of Reflection 911 Memorial in Bucks County is something to see (and to remember)!!  The American flag was flown over ALL three crash sites from theat fateful day, and raised in tribute to the fallen.  The hulking piece of metal seen in the background of "United We Stand" (an image that is part of's NEW "PAWtriotic" card line) is an actual steel beam from The World Trade Towers.  There are propeller pieces from the airplane that went down at Shanksville, PA, and engraved names of all of the heroes from flight 93, as well as, all of the names of everyone killed in the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon on that horrific day!!
LIFE SNIPPET: I know most everyone in this country, let alone the world, remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when the news reported the attacks!!  It was such a surreal time.  I myself had just delivered my boy/girl twins at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut.  They came early (August 26th and Aug. 27th) and the hospital required them to stay in the NICU (Neo-natal Intensice Care Unit) until thay reached 35 weeks old (gestationally speaking).  So I would visit, rock, hold, take pictures (of course) and hang-out with them in the Stamford NICU everyday.    Following the attacks of 9-11, there was a fury of activity at the hospital.  The windows of the NICU overlooked the main parking lot, which started to be turned into a heli-pad to shuttle survivors to the hospital.

I held my newly born twins and prayed for survivors from the debris.  As the days wore on, my hope and the Nation's dwindled.  It was replaced by a 2,973 body count of victims. 
Honor the Fallen - Raise an American Flag TODAY!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Voting Deadline for Philly's HOT List

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day & The American Flag

"PAWtriotic" VS. "PAWlitical"

LIFE SNIPPET: I started a NEW body of work this past March that features my own dog, Delta, at various historical locations with the good 'ol American flag. These new images have been aptly christened "The PAWtriotic Series" and will be available soon as a boxed set of notecards. It is my hope to partner with an appropriate organization to "give back" some of the proceeds.

FYI: Initially one of the above two images was to be chosen as a promo piece for a mass mailing to announce an upcoming Animal Show at a local Malvern Art Gallery.  Unfortunately, both were declared "TOO political" to use.  I personally think a dog carries no biases and crosses all classes, easily representing everyman anywhere.

So to ALL the everyman, everywhere Americans across this great country--what do you think the flag represents?  Please take a look at the rest of the PAWtriotic images and write an opinion. Am I barking up the wrong flagpole?  My inquiring mind wants to know!!

PS: Please do cast your paw before September 10th, for photography to be counted and considered as the Best Pet Photographer for the "Top Dog" spot on Philly's HOT List.